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John Legend( John Roger Stephens )

King & Queen

From the very first time back when I met you at school
I looked in your eyes saw something special in you
We inspire the we
We'll be american dream
Escape this reality come start a new one with me
We could be neighbourhood royalty
Or much more than that u'll see
We're makin history
We'll go to the mass
Fly to heaven and back
The highest heights imagine
Yes we can do all of that baby

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away

We'll make this picture complete
Start a new family
A boy that looks just like you
A girl that looks just like me
And each day that they grow
We'll teach them all that we know
Help me show them the way
We'll show them we're not afraid to be free
The only thing that should be
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The flyest fantasies
The highest they can dream
Grab hold to my hand
Say that you'll be my man
Someday you'll be my king
And baby I'm your queen to be

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away

Cities may cumble
The world is in trouble
But we'll be in love and
We'll rise above it
Each of our people
Pray for a leader
I know we will be someday

Someday, Someday, Someday, Someday

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday

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John Legend( John Roger Stephens )
Miscellaneous 1
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