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Pearl Jam

Love Boat Captain (Live)

Is this just another day?
This God forgotten place
First comes love, then comes pain
Let the games begin
Questions rise and answers fall

Love boat captain
Take the reigns and steer us towards the clear, here
It's already been sung, but it can't be said enough

Is this just another phase
Of earthquakes making waves?
Trying to shake the cancer off
Aah, stupid human beings
Once you hold the hand of love
It's all surmountable

Hold me and make it the truth
That when all is lost, there'll be you
'Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing
And there's just one word I still believe
And it's love

It's an art to live with pain
Mix the light into gray
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Lost nine friends we'll never know
Two years ago today
And if our lives became too long
Would it add to our regret?

And the young, they can lose hope
'Cause they can't see beyond today
The wisdom that the old can't give away, hey
Constant recall
Sometimes life don't leave you alone

Hold me and make it the truth
That when all is lost, there will be you
'Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing
And there's just one word that I still believe
And it's love, love, love, love, love

Love boat captain take the reigns
Steer us towards the clear
I know it's already been sung
Can't be said enough
Love is all you need
love, love

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