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Pearl Jam

Long Road

I wished for so long...
I cannot stay
All the precious moments...
Cannot stay
It's not like wings have fallen...
I cannot say
Still something is missing...
I cannot say

Holding hands of daughters and sons
In their phase they're falling down
Down, down, down

I have wished for so long...
How i wish for you again

Will i walk the long road?
I cannot stay
There's no need to say goodbye

Oh, the friends and family...
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All the memories going round
Round, round round...

I have wished for so long...
How i wished for you today

And the wind keeps rollin'
And the sky keeps turning grey
And the sun is set
The sun will rise another day

I have wished for so long...
How i wish for you today

I have wished for so long...
How i wish for you today
Will i walk the long road?
We all walk the long road

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